News and Events

  • L-R: Alan Lumsden, Christopher Monk, Andrew van der BeekAlan Frederick Lumsden passed away peacefully on the 30 September 2020. An exceptionally versatile musician on a large number of early brass and woodwind instruments, he was a founding member of the London Trombone Quartet, the London Cornett and Sackbut ensemble, and the London Serpent Trio. Alan held the positions of Professor of the Sackbut at the Royal College of Music, Professor of the Recorder and Early Music studies at the Birmingham Conservatoire, and Head of Brass at Malvern College.

    Photo (left to right): Alan Lumsden, Christopher Monk, and Andrew van der Beek

  • Members are reminded that nominations for the 2021 Monk Award must be received by 30 January. Nominations must comply with the procedures outlined on this site under 'Awards'.

  • The Executive Committee and the Board of Directors are pleased to announce our first global virtual annual meetings. We have scheduled two meetings to better accommodate people's schedules and time zones.  We invite you to attend one -- or both if you wish!

    The meetings are to be held:
    January 16, 2021  9:00 AM EST (UTC -05:00 or 14:00 UTC)
    January 17, 2021  1:00 PM EST (UTC -05:00 or 18:00 UTC)

  • Gavin Holman has posted a preliminary version of his extensive catalog/inventory of American bands entitled Brass Bands and Cornet Bands of the USA: A Historical Directory. The document references 8,700 bands by name, and is intended as an aide for future research. He notes that he has only done extensive work up to about 1872 in the current version! To view it, click here: