2024 Symposium Schedule


Tentative Schedule

Weds July 10 – Sunday July 14

Marjorie S. Deane Little Theater, 10 West 64th St, New York NY 10023

Coffee, Tea and light refreshments will be available throughout the day in our private social space, just  outside the Theater.  

Vendor displays will be available in our private social space and attached private space for trying  instruments.  

Schedule subject to change

Wednesday, July 10

1:00 pm – Registration / social time / refreshments

2:00 – Welcome and Keynote -Sabine Klaus : Myths and Facts about the Birth of the Modern Trumpet Short break

SESSION 1: Manufacturing / Organology

3:15 Dulin/Hoff : Vincent Bach Trumpet History: Celebrating the 100th Anniversary year of  Bach trumpets.

3:45 Akiyama : European Labrosones in The Musical Collection of the University of  Gottingen; Organological Sources for 19C Audible and Material culture

4:15 Jones : The Early American Tuba

4:45 R. Dale Olson : The Brass Musical Instrument mouthpiece, a Longitudinal Quantitative  assessment.


7:00pm CONCERT: The Wallace Collection – New Discoveries from mid-19C Paris Venue: Marjorie Deane Little Theater 10 W 64th St, New York 10023

Thursday, July 11

9:00-10 Keynote 2 - Peter Holmes

Short break

SESSION 2: 17-18C Instruments, Repertoire, and Performance Practice

10:15 Campbell/Myers : Acoustics of the Vented Trumpet

10:45 Wadsack : Analysis of trumpet nomenclature and HIP

11:15 Cline : Zugtrumpet, Naturlich, & some shadowy, shared, surprising, slidey solutions  regarding this Baroque Bastard

11:45 Yuen : Minority in Baroque Trumpet Repertoire: Minor Repertoire for Baroque Trumpet Kaza : The Horn Parts in Haydn’s Symphony No. 46: High or Low?

12:15-1:30 LUNCH BREAK

SESSION 3: 17-18C Instrument Transitions

1:30 Troiano : Hear the Difference! – The Evolution from Serpent to Euphonium 2 – 3: 00 : US Army Old Fife and Drum Corps : Natural Trumpets in Early America  

Short break

SESSION 4: 17-18C Transitions  

3:15 Carter : ‘Rognoni, Mariani, Jarzebski and the “Bastard” Trombone’

3:45 Belser : French Baroque Serpent improvisatory techniques

4:15- 5:15Snedeker : Hand and/or Valve: The Final Transition to Valved Horn at the Paris  Conservatoire Lecture and Recital of repertoire that incorporates both techniques


7pm EVENING CONCERT – Baroque Period: Jared Wallis et al.

Venue to be confirmed (for harpsichord and organ availability)

Friday, July 12

9-10 - Keynote 3: John Wallace: From Steam Age to Steam Punk

Short break

SESSION 5: Mid to Late19C Repertoire

10:15 Nemeth : Battle of the Bands: Adolphe Sax’s Sonic Fusillades and the Military Politics of  Timbral Homogeneity

10:45 Coffin : Sounds of Change : Brass Chamber Music in mid-19th Century Paris  11:15 Adler : Lost Music for a Lost Instrument: 19th Century solo repertoire for bass tuba 11:45 Adler : Recital  

12:15-1:15 LUNCH BREAK

SESSION 6: EARLY 19C Repertoire in Transition

1:15 Dudgeon : Recently Found Keyed Bugle Repertoire (Lecture/recital)

1:45 von Steiger : The arrival of modernity in the province: the introduction of valve  instruments in Switzerland. A Case study.

2:15 McGrattan : The cornet air varie in Britain during the first half of the nineteenth century  and the solos of Samuel Blight

2:45 Sluchin : Charles Gounod’s lost work for the Paris Conservatoire 1855 Trombone Concours de sortie

Short break

3:30 – 5:00 Playing sessions / Performance workshops  

DINNER BREAK / IndividualTravel to Met Museum

6 pm -8 pm MET Gallery Concert : Arms and Armor Gallery –UofKY, Eastman and US Old  Fife natural trumpet ensembles.  

Saturday, July 13

9:00 KOEHLER : A Brief History of the HBS


Short Break


10:15 Briner : “He Can Join a Brass Band, and Play Great Music:” Bands on the Kiowa Comanche-Apache Reservation

10:45 Castillo Silva : Music military archives: Estanislao García Espinosa, a Mexican marine  (1903-1973)

11:15 Muntefering : “Make it Snappy” – John Philip Sousa Band’s ‘Third-of-a-Century Tour’  Through South Dakota – November 1925

11:45 Hersey : “Battle of the Sexes”: Maria Backstrom and the Harlem Playgirls 12:15 LUNCH BREAK

SESSION 8: 20th Century

1:30 John Miller : A hidden brass tradition: The amateur British brass band quartet from World  War II until the millenium

2:00 Micah Miller : Booker Little: an Innovator in Post-Bop Improvisation and Pop Playing 2:15 Žurková : A rare manual for the construction of brass instruments from the end of the 19th century

2:45 Brand : Czech Trumpet Repertoire and Style: An Investigation of Essential Czech  Musical Elements and Music from Communist Czechoslovakia

Break / Individual travel to Met Museum

4:15 – Guided tour at MET Museum (optional)

6pm -8pm MET EVENING CONCERT : Music Gallery– The Wallace Collection

Sunday, July 14

Session 9:  

9:45 Dzida : Use of the Natural Trumpet in the Spanish Baroque Era, and Compositional  Influence [if feasible]

10:00 Apple / Curtis : Two Other Viennese Keyed Trumpet Virtuosi : Anton Khayll and Joseph  Werner

10:30 Apple / Curtis : Keyed Trumpet recital

11:15 TBC

12:00 Closing Comments: Koehler et al.