HBS Personnel

HBS Personnel - 2023 Membership Year


HBS Executive Committee

Stanley Curtis, President
Elisa Koehler, Vice President/President-Elect
Cody Beard, Treasurer
Joanna Hersey, Secretary
Nick Harvey, Technical Director

HBS Board of Directors

Cody Beard, Treasurer
Stanley Curtis, President (2022-2023)
Jason Dovel (2023-2025)
Joanna Hersey, Secretary
Elisa Koehler, Vice President/President-Elect (2022-2023)
Steven Lundahl (2022-2024)
Scott Muntefering (2023-2025)
Anneke Scott (2021-2023)
Adrian von Steiger (2021-2023)

* The changes to the By-Laws as adopted in November 2020 states that Directors serve a 3-year term and may stand for relection for one additional term. The President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer are also members of the Board. (See the By-Laws for more details on the structure and governing procedures of the Historic Brass Society.)

Historic Brass Journal Editorial Staff

Stewart Carter, Executive Editor
Howard Weiner, co-editor of HBS Journal
Benny Sluchin, Production Editor
Helen Roberts, Production Manager
Jack Adler-McKean, Web Content Editor
Audrey C. Manganaro, Social Media Editor

Historic Brass Journal Editorial Board

Stewart Carter
Trevor Herbert
Kenneth Kreitner
Arnold Myers (Membership elected term 2022-2024)
Janet Page
Steven Plank
Helen Roberts
Howard Weiner

Historic Brass Today Editorial Staff

Michael O'Connor, Managing Editor
Helen Roberts - Production Manager
Nick Harvey - Technical Assistant

Area Editors

Ryoto Akiyama - Japan topics
Chris Bellucio - Unusual instruments, valved trumpets/cornets
Sandy Coffin - General Editor
Richard García - Drum and Bugle Corps
Joanna Ross Hersey - Race, Ethnicity, and Gender Research
David Jarratt-Knock - UK/Ireland topics, museums contributor
Joseph L. Jefferson - Jazz topics
Michael Kris - University programs for early brass, trombone contributor
Liza Malamut - Performance Practice and Pedagogy, trombone topics
Jeff Miller - Ophicleide, serpent and saxhorn topics
Michael O’Connor - Euphonium, 19thc. brass bands
Jimena Palacios Uribe - Mexico and South American topics, museums contributor
Bodie Pfost - Trombone/sackbut topics
Elijah Pugh - Early repertoire performance on modern instruments
Helen Roberts - Cornett performance practice
Nathaneal Udell - Early horn
Jari Villanueva - Bugles and Bugling
David Wharton - Baroque trumpet
Mathias Wiedmann - Instrument makers
Susy Wilcox - Amateur players, workshops

Additional HBS Staff

Alexandra Lundahl, Office Manager