Links of Interest to Our Members

Below are links to other sites that are of interest to some of our members.

Note that content often moves and websites come and go.  We do not regularly check these links to see if they are still operational. If you notice a broken link, please contact our web content editor to have it corrected or removed.

CAUTION: We cannot guarantee the safety of the websites pointed to by these links.  Please use appropriate care when clicking on ANY link on ANY website or email!

Also, due to the large number of sites on the Internet that may be of interest to our members, we only list a few here.  Please do not ask us to do reciprocal links to your site.  Mostly listed here are links to databases, similar organizations, collections, etc.  No links to commercial products or organizations are allowed.  For that, we encourage you to contact us about advertising in our journal or website.


Organizations of Interest to HBS Members

The American Musical Instrument Society  
The Galpin Society  



National Music Museum  


Links to Databases

Robert Minter Database of Early Trumpet Music  
Catalog of Instruments by Adolphe Sax  


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