Historic Brass Journal - Volume 9 - 1997

HBJ 1997 Cover

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Table of Contents, Editor's Message, President's Message    
In Memoriam: Anthony Baines: 1912-1997 Jeremy Montagu  
Slide Trombone Teaching and Method Books in France (1794-1960) Benny Sluchin and Raymond Lapie, translated by Anne Bonn, Peter Ecklund, and Jeffrey Snedeker  
Method for High-Horn and Low-Horn by Louis-Francois Dauprat Translated by Jeffrey L. Snedeker  
Method Books for Valve Trumpet up to 1850: An Annotated Bibliography Friedrich Anzenberger  
Heinrich Stoelzel and Early Valved Horn Technique John Q. Ericson  
Brass Band Tradition in Finland Kauko Karjarjalainen  
Biblography of Writings about Brass Instruments 1996-1997 David Lasocki  
28 Duets for Two Horns by Carl Haudek Discovered in England Chris Larkin  
Backward Bells and Barrel Bells: Notes on the History of Loud Wind Instruments Ross Duffin  
"If Music Comes from Many Horns, Then The Sound is Sweeter": Trumpets and Horns in Early Medieval Ireland Peter Downey  
Tubatori e Piffari: Civic Wind-Players in Medieval and Renaissance Bergamo Gary Towne  
Reviews Regular Features  
Brief Reports: Comments on Matthew Cron's Article "In Defense of Altenburg: The Pitch and Form of Foreign Trumpets," HSBJ 8, (1996) Bruce Haynes  
Cron Put His Finger (or a Foot!) on an Important Point Crispian Steele-Perkins