Historic Brass Journal - Volume 5 - 1993

HBJ 1993 Cover

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Table of Contents, Editor's Message    
Method Books for Natural Trumpet in the 19th Century:An Annotated Bibliography Friedrich Anzenberger  
Georg Von Bertouch and His Sonatas with Trumpet Anders Hemstrom  
Pitches of German, French, and English Trumpets in the 17th and 18th Centuries Reine Dahlqvist  
Method for High-Horn and Low-Horn Louis Francois Dauprat, translated by Jeffrey Snedeker  
Lip-Blown Instruments of Ireland Before the Norman Invasion Peter Downey  
Jose de Juan Martinez's Metodo de Clarin (1830) Intro & Translation B. Kenyon de Pascual (Translation)  
The Application of Noninvasive Acoustic Measurements to the Design, Manufacture and Reproduction of Brass Wind Instruments Philip A. Drinker and John M. Bowsher  
A Bibliography of Writing About Historic Brass Instruments, 1991-93 David Lasocki  
The Sackbut and Pre-Reformation English Church Music Trevor Herbert  
Girolamo Fantini: Recent Additions to His Biography Igino Conforzi  
Gottfired Reiche's Instrument: A Problem of Classification Reine Dahlqvist  
Fèlicien David's Nonetto En Ut Mneur: A New Discovery and New Light on the Early Use of Valved Instruments in France Chris Larkin  
The First Music For Brass Published in America Clyde Shive, Jr.  
The Romantic Trumpet Edward H. Tarr  
The English Slide Trumpet John Webb  
Small is Beautiful: The Trompe de Lorraine B. Kenyon de Pascual  
Andrè Braun's Gammet Et Mèthode Pour Les Trombonnes: The Earliest Modern Trombone Method Rediscovered with Complete Translation Howard Weiner  
Brief Studies and Reports:Alto or Tenor Trombone: Open or Closed Case? Benny Sluchin  
News of the Field Regular Feature  
Book and Music Reviews and Guidelines for Contributors Regular Features  
Advertising Advertising  

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