Historic Brass Journal - Volume 14 - 2002

HBJ 2002 Cover

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Table of Contents, Editor's Message, President's Message, Monk Award Regular Features  
More Thoughts on the Discipline of Organology Sabine K. Klaus  
The Minstrel School in the Late Middle Ages Rob C. Wegman  
The Roman Bucina: A Distinct Musical Instrument? John Ziolkowski  
Zorzi Trombetta and the Band of Piffari and the Trombones of the Serenissima: New Documentary Evidence Rodolfo Baroncini, translated by Hugh Ward-Perkins  
The Shofar and its Symbolism Malcom Miller  
Remnants of Some Late-Sixteenth-Century Trumpet Ensemble Music Michael Gale  
The Trumpet in Restoration Theatre Suites Alexander McGrattan  
Mozart's Use of Horns in B-flat and the Question of Alto-Basso in the Eighteenth Century Paul R. Bryan  
The Status of Brass Musicians as Dance Musicians in the Sixteenth to Eighteenth Centuries Walter Salmen, translated by Howard Weiner  
Beethoven's Equali (Woo 30): A New Perspective (Part 1)
Beethoven's Equali (Woo 30): A New Perspective (Part 2)
Howard Weiner  
The Salem Cornetts Stewart A. Carter  
The Venomous Affair of the First Serpent Method Benny Sluchin  
A Brief History of Piston-Valved Cornets (Part 1)
A Brief History of Piston-Valved Cornets (Part 2)
Niles Eldredge  
Brasswind Innovation and Output of Boosey & Co. in the Blaikley Era Arnold Myers  
Cornets in the Brussels Musical Instrument Museum: A Survey and a Checklist of an Outstanding Collection Gery Dumoulin  
A Bibliography of Writings About Historic Brass Instruments, 2001-2002 Compiled by David Lasocki  
Brief Studies and Reports: The Perry George Lowry/Scott Joplin Connection: New Information on an Important African American Cornetist; and Communication Richard I. Schwartz  
Reviews and Guidelines for Contributors David Guion and Edward H. Tarr and Regular Features