Historic Brass Journal - Volume 6 - 1994

HBJ 1994 Cover

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Table of Contents    
Editor's Message and Errata    
Method Books for Natural Trumpet in the 19th Century Friedrich Anzenberger  
A Second Miracle at Cana: Recent Musical Discoveries in Veronese's Wedding Feast at Cana Peter Bassano  
The Discoveries at Fassy House Anne-Sophie Leclerc translated by Rebecca Pike and Anne Bonn  
Girolamo Fantini, Monarch of the Trumpet: Recent Additions in his Work Igino Conforzi translated by Alexandra Amanti-Camperi  
The Trumpet Shall Sound: Some Reasons Which Suggest Why Berlioz Altered the Part for Trompette pistons in his Overture Waverly Diana Bickley  
Cornetts and Historical Pitch Standards Bruce Haynes  
The Romantic Trumpet (Part II) Edward H. Tarr  
A Bibliography of Writings About Historic Brass Instruments, 1992-94 David Lasocki  
Early Examples of Mixed-Key Horns and Trumpets in Works of C. Graupner Thomas Hiebert  
Praetorius on Performance: Excerpts from Syntagma Musicum III Translation by Hans Lampl, with commentary by S.E. Plank  
Method for High-Horn and Low-Horn Part Three Louis Francois Dauprat translated by Jeffrey Snedeker  
The Pelitti Firm: Makers of Brass Instruments in Nineteenth-Century Milan Renato Meucci translated by Enrico Pelitti  
The Trompe de Lorraine: A Postscript B. Kenyon de Pascual  
Dart's Dated Drums Dropped Crispian Steele-Perkins  
Giovanni Battista Riccio's Terzo Libro Delle Divino Lode Musical (Venice, 1620): A List of Errata Timothy P. Urban  
Two Trumpet Mutes Recently Acquired by the Germanisches Nationalmuseum Nurnberg Dieter Krickeberg and Klaus Martius  
Fantini and Mersenne: Some Additions to Recent Controversies Peter Downey  
President's Message, Correspondence, Letters to the Editor Regular Features  
Reviews, Guidelines for Contributors and Errata Regular Features  
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