Historic Brass Today - Issue 5 - Fall 2023


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Table of Contents

Title Author Page
Introducing Historic Brass Today Michael O'Connor, Stanley Curtis, Joanna Ross Hersey 2
Concert Diary
Snapshots in Band History: J. Leslie Spahn's Other Ladies Band
Bryan Proksch 6
Archive Corner
Dr. Joanna Ross Hersey 9
Brass Beyond Binaries Windy City Retreat: A Haven in Chicago
Liza Malamut 11
A Short Interview with Robert Morrison
Mark Jones 13
La Antigua Hacienda Chota-Motil y el Origen de la Banda Vicente Gonzales Pardo: Historia y Legado Musical en la Región do la Libertad-Perú
Gianfranco Orbegozo Asto 15
Forthcoming Events
The Wallace Collection on the Move
Sandy Coffin 18
Historic Brass News In Brief
Edmond Dédé and Méphisto Masque: A Journey to Restore an Ophicleide Solo Leads to Music for an Unsung Cousin
J.C. Sherman 22
Report on the 6th International Romantic Brass Symposium in Bern, Switzerland
Stanley Curtis 24
Book Review: An Illustrated Dictionary for the Modern Trombone, Tuba, and Euphonium Player by Douglas Yeo
Kenneth Kreitner 27
Book Review: Before the Music Stopped - The Life of a Professional Musican 1965-2000, a memoir by Peter Bassano
Kenneth Kreitner 27
Obituary: Holger Eichhorn (1942-2023)
Bruce Dickey 28
Obituary: Paul Maybery (1947-2023)
Jari Villanueva 29


DOI: 10.2153/03.mrl410