Historic Brass Today - Issue 3 - Fall 2022

HBT 2022 Vol 2 No 2 Cover

Welcome to the third issue of Historic Brass Today!

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Table of Contents

Title Author
Editorial: Introducing Historic Brass Today Michael O'Connor
Stanley Curtis
Joanna Ross Hersey
The Enthusiast: A Column for the Historic Brass Enthusiast Susan Wilcox
Snapshots in Band History: Cornetist Signor Al(l)-e/i-ss-a/e-nd-ro/er (a.k.a. Alexander) Liberati Bryan Proksch
Archive Corner Joanna Ross Hersey
Exploring Newly Discovered Late Works for Cornetto from Brno (Czech Republic) Bruce Dickey
2022 North American Baroque Trumpet Competition and Conference Jason Dovel
The International Trumpet-making Workshop: A Participant's Report Brian Kanner
A Report on ViennaTalk2020: A Participant's Report Arnold Myers
Stewart Carter
Performer Profile: Justin Bland Interviewed by Maddison Barton Maddison Barton
An Unusual Cornet Mute David Jarratt-Knock
The 2022 Early Brass Festival: A Report Stanley Curtis
Mostly Dead is Slightly Alive: Bringing a Broken Cornetto Back from the Brink Mark McCormick
Featured Instrument Collection: Horns by Michael Saurle and Augustin König Chris Belluscio
Book Review:The Art of Trumpet Teaching: The Legacy of Keith Johnson Author: Leigh Anne Hunsaker
Reviewed by: Kenneth Kreitner
CD Review:The Myth of Venice: 16th Century Music for Cornetto & Keyboards Kenneth Kreitner


DOI: 10.2153/03.kme763