Historic Brass Journal - Volume 30 - 2018

HBJ 2018 Cover

Title Author(s) DOI
Table of Contents, President's Message, Monk Award Regular Features  
Trumpets, Shawms, and the Early Slide Instruments, ca. 1350–1470 Keith Polk https://doi.org/10.2153/00120170011001
Further Thoughts on the Alto Trombone in the Solo Literature of the Eighteenth Century Howard Weiner https://doi.org/10.2153/0120180011002
A Short History of the Moravian Brass Bands of Northern Labrador Mark David Turner https://doi.org/10.2153/0120180011003
Berlioz, Kastner, and Sax: Writing for and about the Early Saxhorn and Saxophone Stewart Carter https://doi.org/10.2153/0120180011004
New Insights into the Conservation of Brass Instruments: Brass Instruments between Preventive Conservation and Use in Historically Informed Performance Adrian v. Steiger, Daniel Allenbach, Martin Ledergerber, Bernhard Elsener, David Mannes, Tiziana Lombardo, Federica Cocco, Marzia Fantauzzi, Antonella Rossi, Martin Skamletz, Martin Mürner, Marie Wörle, Emilie Cornet, and Eberhard Lehmann https://doi.org/10.2153/0120180011005
Rudall Carte and E.A. Couturier Conical-bore Instruments Compared Arnold Myers https://doi.org/10.2153/0120180011006
BIBLIOGRAPHY OF WRITINGS ABOUT BRASS INSTRUMENTS, 2017–2018 Eva M. Heater https://doi.org/10.2153/0120170011007
Reviews, Guidelines for Contributors Regular Features https://doi.org/10.2153/0120180011008