Historic Brass Journal - Volume 20 - 2008

HBJ 2008 Cover

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Table of Contents, President's Message, Monk Award Regular Features  
The Cornett and the “Orglische Art”: Ornamentation in Early Sixteenth-Century Germany Jamie Savan  
A Newly Discovered Source of French Hunting Horn Signals, ca.1666 Stuart Cheney  
A Fresh Look at "Some Ingenious Mechanical Contrivance" — The Rodenbostel/Woodham Slide Trumpet Sabine K. Klaus  
Buhl, Dauverné, Kresser, and the Trumpet in Paris, ca. 1800–1840 Bryan Proksch  
Adolphe Sax: Visionary or Plagiarist? Eugenia Mitroulia and Arnold Myers  
Winds of Change: Technology, Pedagogy, and Disaster in the Making of Sam Morgan’s Jazz Band Bruce Raeburn  
The Entertainment Value of Novelty: Women Brass Musicians on the Vaudeville Stage Joanna Ross Hersey  
Bands and Cornet Soloists at the St. Louis World’s Fair of 1904 Richard and Iris Schwartz  
Bibliography of Writings About Brass Instruments, 2007-08 Compiled by David Lasocki  
Reviews and Communications, Guidelines for Contributors Reviews by Simon Rettelbach (Translation: Howard Weiner), Thomas G. MacCracken, Hendrik Berke (Translation: Howard Weiner), Steven Plank, Peter Ecklund, Paul Schmidt