Historic Brass Journal - Volume 19 - 2007

HBJ 2007 Cover

Title Author(s) DOI
Table of Contents, William Waterhouse tribute, President's Message, Monk Award Regular Features  
Transmuting Silver into Gold: Cautionary Notes on the Iconography and Symbolism of Silver Trumpets Randall Rosenfeld  
The Schnitzer Family of Nuremberg and a Newly Rediscovered Trombone Markus Raquet and Klaus Martius  
A Window on the Horn in Early Nineteenth-Century Italy: The Brevi Cenni of Giovanni Simone Mayr Gabriele Rocchetti  
Theodore Hoch, the "Much Beloved Solo Cornetist of Bilse’s Capelle" Edward H. Tarr  
Bibliography of Writings About Historic Brass Instruments, 2006-07 Compiled by David Lasocki  
Reviews and Communications, Guidelines for Contributors Regular Feature - Reviews by Ralph Dudgeon, John Purser, Steven Plank