Historic Brass Journal - Volume 4 - 1992

HBJ 1992 Cover

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Table of Contents, Personnel, Editor's Message, Errata    
Victorian Brass Bands: The Establishment of a 'Working Class Musical Tradition' Trevor Herbert  
A Bibliography of Writings About Historic Brass Instruments, 1990-1991 David Lasocki  
Regole, Passaggi di Musica (1594) Gio, Battista Bovicelli, translated by Jesse Rosenberg, Introduction by Giancarlo Rostirolla  
A Business Correspondence from Johann Wilhelm Haas in the Year 1719 Herbert Heyde  
Hazozerah (Trumpet) Rabbi Shlomo Yosef Zevin, translated by Avi Penkower  
Brass Instruments Used in Confederate Military Service During the American Civil War G.B. Lane  
Joseph Meifred's Methode Pour Le Cor Chromatique Ou A Pistons (1840) Jeffrey L. Snedeker  
The Earliest French Tutor For Slide Trumpet Friedrich Anzenberger  
Virtosity, Experimentation, and Innovation in Horn Writing From the Early 18th-Century Dresden Thomas Hiebert  
Methode de Cor-Alto Et Cor-Basse Louis Francois Dauprat, translated by Jeffrey L. Snedeker  
19th-Century Keyed Bugle Performers: A Checklist (1594) Ralph Dudgeon  
Vaclav Frantisek Cerveny: Leading European Inventor and Manufacturer Gunther Joppig, translated by Veronica von der Lancken  
Brass in Central European Instrument-Making from the 16th Through the 18th Centuries Karl Hachenberg, translated by Jutta Backes-Von Machui  
President's Message and News of the Field Jeffrey Nussbaum  
Reviews Regular Feature  
Guidelines for Contributors    
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