It's Election Season 2021!!

Voting for the 2021 election is now closed and the results are in. This is an archival news item.

All 2021 members of record as of 11/7/2021 will receive a ballot from on 11/15/2021 with a unique code and link.  Use that link to vote for the positions below.

Click here to view the full slate of candidates with their CVs and candidacy statements.

Vice President

As you know, our founder and longtime President Jeff Nussbaum is stepping down at the end of this year so we held elections a year ago for new officers including vice president.  The vice president, who is also the "president-elect", normally serves for two years, assisting the president and "learning the ropes", and then steps into the role of president for two additional years. Stan Curtis was elected and is serving one year in that role instead of two since Jeff wishes to step down at the end of 2021, and will become president in January for two years. In this election we have only one candidate on the ballot, Elisa Koehler.


Among the other changes made were term limits for officers and members of the Board of Directors. Directors now serve 3-year terms and may be run for re-election for one additional consecutive term. To accomplish the new rotation, two members of Board who had been appointed prior to last year's election needed to volunteer to have their terms end this year and a single Board position would be open for election this year. Those Board members are Steven Lundahl and Arnold Myers. They are both running for reelection (no other candidates applied) but there is now only one position open in this election cycle.

NEW!! Member, Editorial Board of the Historic Brass Journal

Executive Editor Stew Carter, the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors are excited to announce changes in the composition of the Editorial Board as well as a new internship program! (Watch for more on that later...)

To further promote transparency, accessibility and diversity, Editorial Board procedures have been revised to enable the membership of the Historic Brass Society to nominate and elect 50 percent of the Editorial Board members. Members may nominate themselves or others for candidacy. To ensure the continued expertise and capabilities of the Editorial Board, nominees should meet the main criteria outlined on our website. All nominations will be reviewed by the Nominating Committee and a slate of candidates who meet the job specification criteria will be presented to the membership during the upcoming Board Election cycle.

We will soon post details of those changes as well as of the new internship program.

Elections are now Open!

The Nomination Period was open through November 7. Nominations closed on 11/7 and electronic voting is open from 11/15 to 12/15. You must be a member of record for the 2021 membership year by the end of November 7th to vote. All members of record by the close of 11/7/2021 will receive an email on 11/15/2021 from with their unique ballot link.

You can view the descriptions and requirements of each position here: Leadership and Staff Positions and Committees

As always, we continue to seek additional volunteers for staff positions and committees. In particular we need additional help with membership and website and other technical assistance.