2020 HBS Election Results and Updates

The Executive Committee and the Board of Directors is pleased to announce that our Fall 2020 elections process has concluded with half of our membership participating.  We now wish to announce the results.
Vice President: Stanley Curtis
Secretary: Joanna Hersey
Directors: Adrian von Steiger and Anneke Scott
In addition, the ballot question to approve our changes to the By-Laws was overwhelmingly approved.
We wish to congratulate each of these individuals as well as all who participated. We feel we had a very strong field of candidates and we have reached out to all those who did not win, asking them to actively participate in our organization in another way. We plan to have two virtual Membership Meetings in January to introduce our new Executive Committee and Board members, discuss plans, hear from our committees and our new Vice President and hear from our Membership.  We hope you will participate in one of the two meetings, designed to accommodate our global membership, time zones and schedules. In the meantime, we hope you stay healthy and enjoy the upcoming holiday season.
Jeffrey Nussbaum
President, the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors