Historic Brass Journal - Volume 22 - 2010

HBJ 2010 Cover

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Table of Contents, President's Message, Monk Award Regular Features  
Trombone Glissando: A Case Study in Continuity and Change in Brass Instrument Performance Idioms Trevor Herbert  
New Light on the Early History of the Keyed Bugle Part 2: More on England and Ireland; The United States David Lasocki  
Haydn: the Horn, the Hunt, and Hand-stopping J. Drew Stephen  
Farewell to the Kidshifter: The Decline of the G Bass Trombone in the UK 1950–1980 Gavin Dixon  
An Eighteenth-Century Congolese Horn in the Shape of a Cornett Ignace De Keyser  
Bibliography of Writings About Brass Instruments, 2009-10 Compiled by Eva M. Heater  
Reviews and Communications, Guidelines for Contributors Reviews by Howard Weiner, Edward H. Tarr, John Graziano