Historic Brass Journal - Volume 21 - 2009

HBJ 2009 Cover

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Table of Contents, President's Message Regular Features  
Se la face ay pale and the Loud Band of the Fifteenth Century Kenneth Kreitner  
New Light on the Early History of the Keyed Bugle Part I: The Astor Advertisement and Collins v. Green David Lasocki  
Trombone Slide Lubrication and other Practical Information for Brass Players in Joseph Fröhlich’s Musikschule (1813) Howard Weiner  
The Mounted Band and Field Musicians of the U.S. 7th Cavalry During the Time of the Plains Indian Wars Bruce Gleason  
Technological Study of a Byzantine Trumpet Bell Kilian Anheuser  
Bibliography of Writings About Brass Instruments, 2008-09 Compiled by David Lasocki  
Reviews and Communications, Guidelines for Contributors Reviews by Edward H. Tarr, Ralph T. Dudgeon, Howard Weiner