Historic Brass Journal - Volume 10 - 1998

HBJ 1998 Cover

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Table of Contents, Editor's Message, President's Message, Monk Award    
A New Species of Instrument: The Vented Trumpet in Context Robert Barclay  
Horns and Trumpet in a Treatise by Friedrich Ponsing Gerhard Stradner, translated by Rita Streblin  
Brass and Percussion Instruments and Players in Vienna 1740-1760 according to the Wiennerisches Diarium Janet Page  
The Role of the Trombone and its Affekt in the Lutheran Church Music of Seventeenth-Century Saxony and Thuringia: The Early Seventeenth Century Charlotte A. Leonard  
Early Trombones in the Shrine to Music Museum Stewart Carter  
The Complaint Made by the Markneukirchen Brass-Instrument Makers About the Poor Quality of the Brass from the Rodewisch-Niederauerbach Brass Foundry, Saxony, in the Years 1787-1795 Karl Hachenberg, translated by Howard Weiner  
A Bibliography of Writing About Historic Brass Instruments, 1997-98 David Lasocki  
Reviews, Letters to the Editor Regular Features