Historic Brass Journal - Volume 8 - 1996

HBJ 1996 Cover

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Table of Contents, Editor's Message, President's Message    
Knowledge in the Making: Recent Discourse on Bach and the Slide Trumpet Steven Plank  
In Defense of Altenburg: The Pitch and Form of Foreign Trumpets Matthew Cron  
The Reconstruction of a 16th-Century Italian Trumpet Geert Jan van der Heide  
Stopped Notes on the Horn: Some Aesthetic Considerations William Rogan  
Method for High-Horn and Low-Horn by L.F. Dauprat (part V) Jeff Snedeker (Translation)  
A Chance Encounter with a Unicorn? A Possible Sighting of the Renaissance Slide Trumpet Keith McGowan  
Method Books for Slide Trumpet: An Annotated Bibliography Friedrich Anzenberger  
Bibliography of Writings About Historic Brass Instruments: 1995-96 David Lasocki  
Letters to the Editor, Reviews Regular Features