Historic Brass Journal - Volume 1 - 1989

HBJ 1989 Cover

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Table of Contents, Editor's Message Regular Feature  
A New Look at the Evolution of Lip-Blown Instruments: Classical Antiquity Until the End of the Middle Ages Don Smithers  
The Tenor Sackbut of Anton Schnitzer the Elder at Nice Henry George Fischer  
Ethics in the Conservation and Preservation of Brass Instruments Robert Barclay  
Augustein Schubinger and the Zinck: Innovation in Performance Practice Keith Polk  
Early Horn Mouthpieces Richard Seraphinoff  
Snakes, Trees and Flames: A Discussion of Venetian Curved Cornett Decorations John McCann  
Il Vero Modo Di Diminuir - Girlamo dalla Casa: A Translation Jesse Rosenberg  
Reviews Regular Feature  
Regular Features: News of the Field Regular Feature  
Regular Features: President's Message Jeffrey Nussbaum  
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