D'Indy Rondino for Trumpets

Rondino for 4 trumpets in Eb by Vincent D'Indy. Jean-Louis Courturier, editor. Alphonse Leduc, Éditions Musicales. Pub. 2008.

This short work (less than one minute) by Vincent D'Indy (1851-1931) is housed in the Nationale de France (Ms. 9236) and bears the date 18 July 1911. Courturier conjectures that it was probably written for the trompette d'ordonnance in Eb, a ceremonial instrument adopted by the French army. Modest in range and technique, the first trumpet part covers the range of a 10th from E to g' and the second part just covers the E to e' octave but does employ the 7th partial, a third-line Bb. While it is only 42 measures in length, the piece is quite charming and bears the mark of a master composer, making use of the trumpet's dynamic capabilities with dynamics ranging from piano to fortissimo. The third trumpet part provides rhythmic interest and the fourth gives a standard principale function. Editor Jean-Louis Courturier provides a short note on the work and a brief biography of D'Indy in four languages (French, English, German, Italian). The score and individual parts are beautifully printed on sturdy bond paper as is the norm for Alphonse Leduc publications. This is a valuable edition for the brass community.

-- Jeffrey Nussbaum