Bucina: The Historic Brass Society Series

The Historic Brass Society collaborates with Pendragon Press to produce a series of monographs, Bucina: The Historical Brass Society Series, on a variety of early brass topics. The Bucina series is available only from Pendragon Press.

The books currently in the series include:

  • Bucina #1: The Last Trumpet: A Survey of the History and Literature of the English Slide Trumpet
    By Art Brownlow with a Foreward by Stuart Carter
  • Bucina #2: Perspectives in Early Brass Scholarship: Proceedings of the 1995 International Historic Brass Symposium, Amherst, MA
    Edited by Stuart Carter
  • Bucina #3: Handel's Trumpeter: The Diary of John Grano
    Edited by John Ginger (ISBN 0-945193-96-3)
  • Bucina #4: East Meets West: The Russian Trumpet Tradition from the Time of Peter the Great to the October Revolution
    Edward H. Tarr
  • Bucina #5: Tielman Susato and the Music of his Time: Print Culture, Compositional Technique and Instrumental Music in the Renaissance
    Keith Polk, Editor
  • Bucina #6: Brass Scholarship in Review: Proceedings of the Historic Brass Society Conference at the Cité de la Musique, Paris, 1999
    Edited by Stewart Carter
  • Bucina #7: Valved Brass - The History of an Invention by Steven Plank and Christian Ahrens (2008)

    In the history of brass instruments few developments can rival the early nineteenth-century invention of the valve for enduring significance. Nevertheless the acceptance of valved brass instruments proved controversial as newspapers and other documents repeatedly attest. Christian Ahrens (Ruhr-Universität Bochum) in his important monograph Eine Erfindung und ihre Folgen: Blechblasinstrumente mit Ventilen (1986) devotes considerable attention to this heated controversy as he traces the early use of valved brass instruments in the realms of art music military music and Volksmusik. Stressing social and aesthetic issues over the more familiar mechanical aspects the author draws on a rich body of journalistic source material to detail a compelling reception history.
  • Bucina #8: The Trombone in the Renaissance: A History in Pictures and Documents by Stewart Carter (Hillsdale, NY: Pendragon Press, 2012).

    With more than 130 illustrations and nearly 400 original documents, many of them not previously available in English translation, this book traces the development of the instrument’s physical form, musical use, and social function during the Renaissance. From its initial appearance with shawms in the alta band, the instrument moved gradually to a more refined position, joining with cornetts and violins and accompanying voices in church music. By the late sixteenth century it was one of the most widely used instruments in Western Europe.

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