Adolphe Sax 2014 Bicentenary Conference

Adrian Steiger Trevor Herbert and Arnold MyersAl Rice and Arnold Myers

7/8 - The Historic Brass Society joined forces with the Musical Instrument Museum of Brussels and Belgian Society of Musicology in presenting a conference celebrating the 200th anniversary of the birth of great Belgian instrument maker, Adolphe Sax. The conference held in the beautiful city of Brussels on July 3-5, 2014 was a great success and paved the way for future research on Sax as well as other 19th century brass topics. Click here for the Program and Lecture Abstracts.

Photo captions: Adrian Steiger (left), Trevor Herbert and Arnold Myers (center), Al Rice and Arnold Myers (right)

Danny Lucin Cornetto Mouthpieces

6/6 - Danny Lucin is now making cornetto mouthpieces and has a variety of styles with a range of different shapes & sizes to suit individual requirements.
Mouthpiece Specs:
Total length: 34mm
Cup diameter: 14mm or 15mm (or larger if required)
Rim: 2mm, 2.5mm or 3mm (trumpet style mouthpiece)
Shank length: 18mm
Shank diameter: 8mm - will fit a Monk plastic instrument
Throat: 2.9mm with a tapered back-bore
Material: Black buffalo horn

Price: $80 AUD

For further information email

Natural Horn Events This Summer

5/29 - Natural horn virtuoso Anneke Scott will be involved in a number of workshops and symposia coming up this summer. She's sent the following information about her activities: The first course (Ironwood Developing Artists Chamber Music Winter School) is being held at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music from  Monday 7th of July – Saturday 12th of July and will focus on aspects of playing the classical natural horn. The course is open to anyone over the age of 17 and both period horn players AND modern horn players interested in gaining some insight into the natural horn or elements of performance practice are very welcome.


The second course (Ironwood Developing Artists Baroque Orchestra Winter School) will be held in Bundanon (near Sydney) from Wednesday 16th of July until Sunday 20th of July (although my participation is just for the first three days) - this course will be more focused on aspects of playing the baroque horn, though again people new to the instrument are welcome to apply. The application form says entries by 1st of May but I understand they're still accepting applications. 

46th Annual Symposium of the International Horn Society - I’ll be giving a natural horn masterclass as part of the IHS festival in August, on Thursday 14th August. Anyone is able to apply for this masterclass, see for the application form and further details.

Bugles Across America

5/29 - In response to cutting back of the playing of TAPS in live performance by buglers for American military men and women, in 2000, Tom Day made it his mission to have TAPS played by a bugle player at every military funeral across the country. He created Bugles Across America to achieve that goal. For further information please visit

Wanted: J.W. York Catalogs

5/13 - I am seeking catalogs or other early J.W.York, York & Son or York & Sons printed materials. I have always thought that the J.W.York Monarch cornets and some of the Professional models, as well as the New Model Monarchs and New Model Professionals are among my favorite early 20thcentury cornets. Many have passed through my hands and virtually all have been worth the effort and money to restore. I have accumulated a dozen or more that I am restoring now and I have noticed that there are many different bell sizes and shapes as well as different engraving patterns through the years but I have almost no literature in my files that details their offerings, only articles in the Grand Rapids newspapers about the store and factory.
Rich Ita

Call for Papers

5/12 - The HBS has recently becoming a supporting organization for an upcoming conference, "Sounds of Wars and Victories: Images of Military Musicians on Battlefields and Promenades." This conference will be presented at the CUNY Graduate Center in New York under the direction of the Research Center for Music Iconography and held in New York on November 11-13, 2014. The conference will focus on the iconography of military musicians of all times and performing in any occasion. The submission deadline for abstracts of proposals (200-300 words) is June 15, 2014. Submissions may be sent to: Zdravko Blazekovic at  More information is available at

Jeffrey Snedeker Named National Phi Kappa Phi Artist

4/29 - Jeffrey Snedeker, natural hornist, frequent HBSJ author, and professor of music at Central Washington University, has been selected as the 2014-2016 Phi Kappa Phi Artist by The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi — the nation’s oldest and most selective all-discipline honor society. The award is in recognition of his accomplishments as a musician, professor, and campus leader. “Dr. Snedeker has had a sustained career as one of the foremost proponents of the historical importance of the natural horn. His extensive range of performances, compact discs, journal articles and presentations at international conferences have garnered widespread accolades throughout his impressive career,” said Dr. David Northington, chair of the Phi Kappa Phi Artist selection committee. Snedeker has been a performing artist and scholar for more than 25 years. He’s played concertos, recitals, and natural horn and jazz performances throughout the world. He has released two critically acclaimed solo recordings featuring the horn in a jazz setting and two solo recordings of the natural horn.

Snedeker has received numerous performance and teaching awards; most notably, first place in the Natural Horn Division of the 1991 American Horn Competition. He also holds the 2012 Washington Music Educators Association Higher Education Educator of the Year and the 2014 Washington State Ormsby Award for Faculty Citizenship. Since 1991 Snedeker has been at CWU where he teaches horn, music history, and brass literature and pedagogy. He was the 2012 CWU Distinguished University Professor for Service, and the 2008 CWU Phi Kappa Phi Scholar of the Year. “What the artist award represents to me is a wonderful acknowledgement of day-to-day work and taking risks. It’s really nice to get a pat on the back,” said Snedeker, whose decision to pursue a career in music came later than many musicians. “I wanted to be a baseball player,” Snedeker said. “Basically, when the obvious shortcomings on my part finally ran their course, I was looking for something that would sort of resemble that. And the act of practicing music, making music, has an athletic approach to it.” Playing an instrument and performing took the place of his athletic ambitions. Sports have an artistic aspect, says Snedeker, who sees music as a worthy alternative to baseball. “I don’t have rotator cuff problems and knee problems and I still play every day,” he said with a laugh.

First presented in 1983, the Phi Kappa Phi Artist Award recognizes the achievements of those who, in addition to their outstanding scholarship, have displayed talents in the broad realm of the arts—creative, graphic, performing, visual, and fine arts, according to a Phi Kappa Phi news release. The award is given once every two years. Recipients receive a $1,000 honorarium, a life membership, and a trip to the society’s biennial convention on August 9 in St. Louis, MO, where the award officially will be presented. “I still have much to learn, and look forward to the challenges that lie ahead,” Snedeker said. “I pride myself on my versatility, but as much as I want people to appreciate the wide range of possibilities of the horn, I also know that any musical instrument is limited first by the performer, and I embrace my responsibility in pursuit of my goals.”

For more information on Phi Kappa Phi visit

New Trumpet Book

4/21 -  Elisa Koehler has just had her new book, Fanfares and Finesse: A Performer's Guide to Trumpet History and Literature published by Indiana University Press. This fine book is guide for modern trumpet players on how to best to apply historically informed performance practice. Click here to see the Amazon listing.

Friedemann Immer Master Class

3/18 - The Tertiary College of Church Music of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bayreuth, Bavaria, will host the 12th International Baroque Trumpet Seminar with Prof. Friedemann Immer (Cologne, Amsterdam) on 24-27 April 2014. For more information, please email

Peter Barton (1930-2013)

3/18 - My mentor and teacher Peter Barton died late in autumn 2013 aged 83, after a short illness. After an initial career as a sports and Latin teacher Peter was taught brass repairing by an eccentric Hungarian called Villi Hertzeg, whose own formal apprenticeship, Peter told me, had been for fifteen years. Peter at first began working on historical brass instruments at the Bate collection in collaboration with Jeremy Montague, and then also for the Horniman and the Reid collections and for Cyrfatha castle. His work for the antique instrument dealer Tony Bingham may  be found in collections across the world. At a time when restoration to playing condition was the fashion, Peter was always very careful to work in the least destructive way that he could  and to preserve as much historical evidence as possible. He wrote articles for GSJ on his work on the Calcott radius horn, the Shaw trumpets in Warwick castle, and  also on the Woodham Rodenbostel slide trumpet which stimulated his  own interest and research into the English slide trumpet.  His last major project, before arthritis forced a return to his other interests of miniature boat building and painting, was the restoration of the silver William Bull trumpet in the Ashmolean museum. Peter would most often spend substantially more time on an instrument than he could ever charge for, but aside from his great skill and patience (and his great generosity to me as a teacher) what most people will remember will be a very warm hearted and genial man with a huge store of entertaining stories and things to talk about. 
-- Nicholas Perry

Brussles conference on Adolphe Sax

7/11 - A conference entitled "Adolphe Sax His Influence and Legacy: A Bicentenary Conference" will be presented at the Musical Instrument Museum (Brussels, Belgium) on July 3-5, 2014. Keynote speakers will be Steve Cottrell and Trevor Herbert. For information on submitting a proposal and/or attending the conference, please click here.

UPDATE: The conference schedule has been set and everything you need to prepare for it has been posted here:

UPDATE (3/21): The conference schedule has been tweaked somewhat, so please use this updated version:

3D "Printed" Cornetti

3/14 - There has been a flurry of discussion about 3D Printer cornetti recently. One maker is Ricardo Simian ( Bruce Dickey is reported to have said that they play very well at A=466, but maybe not quite as well as the best wooden ones. This is encouraging. He also says that they haven't been scaled to A=440 yet, but the website seems to indicate they are available. Discussions on the "Cornettozink" group on Yahoo have revealed another website of interest:

A Mute Cornett has been designed by instrument maker Steven Silverstein as well ( Steve reports, "I did nothing but take his measurements and put them into stl files. The Cornett needed to be cut into four pieces to fit into my print area. To facilitate gluing the pieces together I created alignment cones meant to keep the pieces aligned in the X-Y plane during the glue up. These truncated cones are the negative space at the center of the Cornett. I glued each piece together with two part epoxy. To keep the internal alignment cones from getting glued as well I wrapped the alignment cones in silicone embedded parchment paper. Both the alignment cones and the pieces of parchment paper came out with no fuss". You can click here to watch a youtube video showing some of these instruments.

-- Jeffrey Nussbaum

UPDATE (3/18): 
Cornetto player, Jamie Savan has sent this report ." Having noticed the post about 3D printed cornetti on the HBS website, I thought HBS members might be interested to know about my 'CyberZink' project which also uses CAD modelling and 3D printing for cornetto research: I started printing copies of historical mouthpieces around 18 months ago, and got my first cornetto printed in July last year. I'm using the dimensions for the Christ Church cornetti in the first instance, and the results so far have been very promising. There's further information on the project website:, and I made a little demo video for You Tube:"

New Contrabass Serpent (Anaconda) Available


3/3 - J.c. Sherman, an instrument maker in Bedford, Ohio, has built a new musical instrument, a contrabass serpent. Often referred to by players of the serpent and musical instrument historians as an “Anaconda”, the instrument is an octave below the usual serpent, and thus twice the size and length. The contrabass serpent named “Gabriel”, first completed in September 2013 and revised in 2014, is the fourth full instrument of this pitch. It has 6 holes covered by copper keys, and is made completely of metal, making this the only metal contrabass serpent extant. "Gabriel", this contrabass serpent/anaconda, is on 16-foot CC, and is made entirely from brass and related metals. For pictures, additional information, and purchasing inquiries, please contact J.c. Sherman at, or view his website at

Natural Trumpet Events in Switzerland

2/24 - Mike Diprose will be teaching a natural trumpet course in Arosa, Switzerland 17th-23rd August. The course, taught in both German and English, is geared towards the "unvented" natural trumpet and for those wishing to improve their playing technique without the use of tuning holes. For further information: He will also be hosting a number of workshops throughout the year in various locations, and will be posting those items on this website


2014 Mountain Collegium Early Music Workshop

1/3 - The 2014 Mountain Collegium Early Music Workshop will take place 29 June - 5 July 2014 at Western Carolina University in Cullowhee, NC. Erick Schmalz will be teaching brass this year. Classes include technique, improvisation, consorts, folk, Sephardic, and contemporary music.  Continuing Ed Credit is available to teachers.

For further information and registration, click here for their website or contact Jody Miller via email.


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