Jeff Nussbaum

Jeffrey Nussbaum is the founder and president of the Historic Brass Society, an international music organization dedicated to the study of all areas of early brass music ranging from the Biblical period and Antiquity to the twentieth century. He earned his BA in music from Hunter College, where he studied trumpet with Robert Montesi, Tom Lisenbee and Alan Dean. He also undertook jazz studies with George Coleman, Milt Hinton and Jimmy Owens. Jeff earned his MA from Brooklyn College in Special Education as well as an MFA in Medieval and Renaissance Music Studies from Sarah Lawrence College. At Sarah Lawrence College he studied recorder, cornetto, and natural trumpet with LaNoue Davenport, Don Smithers, and Steve Silverstein. He currently lives in Manhattan with his wife, Joan Feigenbaum (a computer scientist), and their son Samuel. Jeff teaches in a high school in New York City. While his activities with the HBS and teaching in the New York school system often constitute two full-time jobs, Jeff’s main energy is devoted to raising and helping his son Sam. Sam is a special needs child who has a condition on the autistic spectrum and in recent years has developed into a remarkable jazz pianist. Jazz has truly proven to be Sam’s true language.